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No one likes to give out their bank details and this is completely understandable. It is a sensitive topic, especially when dealing with online casinos. Players may be afraid of missing a number and losing their money. Fortunately, thanks to PayID, this fear is a thing of the past. From now on, you can send and receive money to your PayID number, which can be your email or phone number.

What's more, our team has tested 53 Australian online casinos that offer PayID, so if you're looking for the best PayID online casinos, this article is definitely for you.

Top PayID Casinos in Australia – Summary

  1. Quickwin: PayID Payments & Instant Withdrawals
  2. Just Casino: Best PayID Casino With Cashback
  3. Lucky Dreams: Deposit and Withdraw With PayID & Lots of Daily Tournaments
  4. Jet Casino: PayID Payments & Sports Betting
  5. Starda: PayID Online Casino With Fast Registration





100% Up To $200

10% Cashback

100% Up To $1000

100% Up To $200

$5 Free Cash

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Best Australian PayID Casinos

The following list of the top 5 PayID online casinos is based on a 4-month test where our team tested 53 Australian online casinos. Not only do these casinos accept PayID transactions, but they also have great bonuses, lots of games, and fast payouts. Let's see:

1: Quickwin: The Best PayID Online Casino in Australia

quickwin australia

  • Over 8000 games
  • Tons of promotions
  • 24/7 customer support
  • VIP program
  • Instant withdrawals

2: Just Casino

just casino

  • Over 8000 games
  • Huge welcome bonus: $4000 + 300 free spins
  • 10% cashback
  • Desktop app
  • Instant withdrawals

3: Lucky Dreams

lucky dreams australia

  • Massive welcome bonus: $4000 + 300 free spins
  • Daily tournaments
  • VIP program
  • Desktop app
  • Instant withdrawals

4: Jet Casino

jet casino australia

5: Starda


PayID: How Does It Work?

payid logo

At its core, PayID acts as a bridge between your bank and the online casino. The process begins with a simple registration where you create a unique identifier that is linked to your bank account. This identifier, called a PayID, can take many forms, such as an email address or phone number.

Once you've completed registration, the magic happens when you link your PayID to your online casino account. This seamless connection allows you to make instant and secure deposits and withdrawals.

To make a deposit, all you need to do is enter the casino's PayID number and you're done. On your screen, you'll see the recipient's name, ensuring a 100% certainty that you are sending money to the correct person or casino.

As for withdrawals, PayID is the only payment method in Australia (except crypto) that allows instant withdrawals from the casino.

How Do I Make A Casino Deposit Using PayID?

The process is really simple and most players will have no problem with it at all. Once you have linked your PayID to your bank account, the process is as follows:

  1. Choose an Australian fast payout casino from our list: Our team has tested over 50 casinos using PayID and selected only the best of the best. This way you can be sure that these casinos actually offer PayID as a payment method. Scroll up and select the ones that suit you best.
  2. Log in, verify your account and proceed to the cashier.
  3. Select PayID as your payment method
  4. Enter your PayID details (usually an email or phone number)
  5. Enter how much you want to deposit.
  6. Wait a few seconds and start playing!

How Do I Withdraw Money From The Casino Using PayID?

  1. Log into the casino and go to the “Withdrawal” tab.
  2. Select PayID as your withdrawal option.
  3. Enter the amount you wish to withdraw and confirm the transaction.
  4. Boom! Depending on the casino, you should receive the money either immediately or max 24 hours.

PayID: How Do I Sign Up? A Step-By-Step Guide For Australians

If you have no idea how to sign up for PayID yourself and want to start using PayID at an online casino, then I have a little step-by-step guide for you. Let's have a look:

1) Choose a bank that accepts PayID

Remember, you need to choose a bank that accepts PayID. Fortunately, most Australian banks support PayID, so chances are that the bank where you already have an account accepts this service. If not, you'll need to open an account with one that does.

2) Log in to your bank

Go to your bank's website and log in to your account. You can also use your bank's mobile app.

3) Find PayID

Look for the PayID section in your banking application. Depending on your bank, it may be called something else, but in most cases it is simply called PayID.

4) Create your first PayID

Now it's time for the most important part. You will be asked to enter your PayID. You generally have two options: either your email address or your mobile phone number. Choose the one that is most convenient for you.

5) Verification

For security reasons, you will need to verify your email or phone number (whichever you choose). You will receive an SMS or email with a special verification code.

6) Link Your Account

We are almost there! The next step is to link your PayID to your bank account. This step varies depending on the bank's interface. In most cases, one click is all it takes.

7) Boom!

Everything is ready to go and you can start using PayID to make deposits and withdrawals at PayID online casinos.

How Do We Rate PayID Casinos?

Our team has tested over 50 casinos that accept PayID payments. The tests took over 4 months and involved 4 people. We checked whether the casinos actually accept PayID. We also tested the games, the bonuses, the customer support and of course the withdrawal times.

Based on this, we were able to come up with a list of the top 5 PayID casinos in Australia. Keep in mind that what you see on this page is not a random list of casinos, as is the case with other casino guides. All of them have been tested and verified by our team.

Which Banks In Australia Accept PayID?

Fortunately, most Australian banks accept PayID. Frankly, it would be easier to make a list of banks that don't accept this service, because out of the dozens of financial institutions, there are only a few that don't have it yet. Anyway, I have prepared a table below with a list of banks that offer this service:

✅Banks That Offer PayID:ANZ, Australian Military Bank, Australian Unity, Bank Australia, Bank First, Bank of Melbourne, Bank of us, Bank SA, BankVIC, Bankwest, BCU, BDCU, Bendigo, Beyond Bank, Border Bank, City, Coastline, Commbank, Community First, Credit Union, Defence Bank, Easy Street Financial Services, Family First Credit Union, Firefighters Mutual Bank, G&C Mutual Bank, Goulburn Murray Credit Union, Greater Bank, Great Southern Bank, Heritage Bank, Horizon Bank, Hume Bank, Hunter United, Illawarra Credit Union, imb Bank, ING, Macquarie Bank, MOVE, MyState, NAB, Newcastle Permanent, Northern Inland Credit Union, Orange Credit Union, P&N Bank, People's Choice Credit Union, Police Bank, Police Credit Union, QBANK, Qudos Bank, Queensland Country Credit Union, RACQ Bank, Regional Australia Bank, Reliance Bank, Rural Bank, Service One Alliance Bank, South West Credit Union, St.George, Suncorp, Teachers Mutual Bank, The Mac, The Mutual, UniBank, Unity Bank, Ubank, UP Bank, Westpac, 86400
❌Banks That DO NOT offer PayID:Adelaide Bank, AMP, Heritage Bank, HSBC, ME, Rabobank

Does PayID Have Any Fees Or Limits?

Fortunately, PayID does not have any fees or limits. However, there may be some restrictions from the bank. Remember that almost all Australian banks have their daily limits. However, these are easy to remove, just contact your bank and they should raise or remove them depending on what you need.

Why Is PayID Better Than Other Payment Methods?

PayID is new to the Australian financial world. However, it is not new to other parts of the world. A similar system exists in many European countries where people can transfer money instantly from bank to bank using a phone number. Examples of companies that operate similarly include Trustly, Klarna and Poland's Blik.

  • PayID transactions are processed in real time, so you can make both casino deposits and withdrawals instantly.
  • This service simplifies transactions, instead of entering your account number, all you need is your email address or phone number.
  • It is completely secure, all transactions are encrypted.
  • PayID is more convenient: almost everyone has online banking these days, so there's no need to open additional accounts and worry about their verification, as is the case with e-wallets.

What Should You Keep In Mind When Using PayID?

PayID is a great payment method, especially for online casinos. However, there are things you should keep in mind when using it:

More Than One PayID? Absolutely!

Remember that you can create as many PayID accounts as you want. For example, you can have 5 PayID accounts in one bank account, there is no limit to this.

PayID Persistence During Bank Changes

Want to change banks? No problem! You don't have to create a new PayID. Simply link your existing PayID to your new bank account. Rest assured, the verification process ensures the security and accuracy of your identity during this transition.

Separation is Key: Unique PayID for Each Account

Keep it organized! Assign a unique PayID to each of your accounts to easily differentiate and manage them.

Stay Current: Update Your PayID Information

Life changes, and so do contact details. If you get a new phone number or change your email address, make it a priority to update your PayID information.

Want To Use PayID Even If The Casino Doesn't Accept It? I Have A Small Hack For You.

If you want to use PayID and the casino you are interested in doesn't accept PayID payments, I have a brilliant way for you to do it.

You can use any payment method that accepts deposits with PayID. For example, you can open an Astropay or eZeeWallet account, make a deposit using PayID, and then make a deposit at the casino using Astropay or eZeeWallet.

The same is true for withdrawals, you can first withdraw money to Astropay or eZeeWallet and then use PayID to withdraw money to your bank account.

Why Astropay or eZeeWallet? Because they are among the few that allow deposits with PayID and most casinos in Australia accept these payment methods.

PayID Casinos in Australia: Conclusion

Everything changes, especially in the online casino industry. New innovations appear every year, even in unregulated Australia. More and more modern payment methods are being introduced, and the goal is the same: to make the online payment process as efficient and fast as possible.

PayID is a great solution and in my opinion the best payment method for casinos in Australia. It is super fast, secure and there is no need to create accounts etc.

PayID is almost on par with solutions from Sweden and Finland, where players don't even have to register with an online casino or send any documents. They go to the casino website, click on deposit, and the registration and verification is done in the background thanks to the bank.

We can expect something similar in the Australian online casino market in the near future. And PayID is the perfect solution for that.


What Is The Best PayID Casino Site In Australia?

Based on our tests, I can say that the best casino that accepts PayID payments is Quickwin.

Can I Find PayID No Deposit Bonuses?

Of course, there are casinos that offer no deposit bonuses, while they do not offer special bonuses if you deposit using PayID. Payment method is irrelevant for bonuses.

Is PayID Only Available In AUD?

There are two countries in which PayID is available: Australia and New Zealand. So logically it is only available in two currencies, AUD and NZD.

How Many Online Casinos In Australia Accept PayID?

Over 50% of Australian online casinos accept PayID payment system.

Is PayID The Same As Direct Bank Transfer?

Yes and no. PayID is indeed a bank transfer. However, there are some differences: PayID payments are instant and use email or phone instead of bank numbers.

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