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Where To Buy Paysafe Voucher Online NZ?

Paysafecard is a brilliant way to shop online or play online casino games with cash. For many years, most people purchased cards from gas stations or convenience stores. However, the world has gone digital, and so has the process of purchasing a Paysafe voucher. Kiwis now can buy their vouchers online from popular websites such as WKV or eGiftCards. You no longer need to walk around town looking for a convenience store. In this article, we'll tell you all the NZ websites where you can buy Paysafe vouchers and discuss fees and other details.

Written By:   William Patel     Facts Checked By:   Ferne Walter 

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  • 1.

    You can buy a Paysafecard both online and offline

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    There are 3 legit websites where you can purchase Paysafe in New Zealand

  • 3.

    Some online stores charge ridiculous fees

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    You can use vouchers only for deposits – you can’t withdraw your winnings with Paysafecard

Where Can You Buy Paysafecard Online?

The majority of Paysafe vouchers are purchased online nowadays. Kiwis don’t want to rush to convenience stores and wait in line. Webshops allow them to get their voucher within a few minutes without leaving the comfort of their home.

If you have no idea where to buy Paysafecard online, don’t worry; we have you covered. Below, you can find 3 top-rated websites to purchase your Paysafe voucher in New Zealand:

1. WKV

wkv home page

WKV is perhaps the most reliable and safest website to buy Paysafe cards in NZ. It is an official distributor of Paysafecard vouchers, offering vouchers of 15, 25, 50, and 100 Kiwi dollars. What’s great about WKV is that you can check your card value without redemption at any time.

To buy a voucher, you are required to create an account and verify your email. Then, you can add vouchers to your account and pay with a credit or debit card or bank transfer. The process is simple, and you will have no problem understanding the instructions.

Unlike other resellers, WKV doesn’t charge any fees, which is a huge plus. If you want to buy a voucher online, we recommend this site as your first choice.

2. eGiftCards

egiftcards paysafecard page

eGiftCards is another reliable website to purchase a Paysafecard. They have a wide range of voucher values, starting from 10 NZD to 200 NZD. eGiftCards also offers tons of other vouchers for gaming, shopping, and other services.

The purchase process is easy and secure. You can pay with PayPal, a bank transfer, or a credit card. The company is 100% NZ-owned and based in Auckland, which is always a plus. We tested their customer service and were surprised – they were helpful and answered all our questions within one hour.

eGiftCards offers reward points and other advantages to returning customers. You can later redeem the points for any of their vouchers. There are three VIP levels: Bronze, Silver and Gold. When you reach the higher level, you get more reward points for every purchase, so it pays to be a loyal customer!

The only downside is that they charge quite high fees. For example, you will pay a total of NZ$113 if you buy a NZ$100 Paysafecard voucher. Or NZ$23 for a NZ$10 voucher, which is quite expensive, to put it gently.

3. eGiftCard

egiftcard paysafecard page

This website looks and functions similarly to eGiftCards. You can select a voucher value from 10 NZD to 1000 NZD and purchase with Paypal, Poli, or bank transfer. The process is secure, and the company has a great reputation in New Zealand. Compared to eGiftCards, they offer vouchers with higher values, up to 1000 NZD.

With eGiftCard, you can buy any gift card you like, from cinema gift cards to gaming and shopping vouchers. They are also New Zealand-owned and based in New Zealand. There is a loyalty program as well, where you can redeem your points for a discount on future purchases. You can contact eGiftCard via email only. Unfortunately, there is no phone or chat support.

The problem with eGiftCard is that Paysafe cards are quite often out of stock. This might be a huge problem if you need to buy a voucher urgently or are in the middle of something and your funds run out.

Also, the fees are even higher here than at eGiftCards. For example, you will pay NZ$183 for a NZ$100 Paysafecard voucher, which is ridiculous. Overall, if you want to buy other gift cards, it’s a good option, but for Paysafe cards, we recommend the other two sites.

Places To Buy Paysafecard Offline in New Zealand

In case you don’t feel comfortable buying online or you want to pay with cash, you can always find a store near you that sells Paysafecard in New Zealand.

To see a full list, you can visit the official Paysafecard website or download their mobile app. The app works on both Android and iOS devices, so you can easily check for the nearest store on your phone. In general, you can find Paysafecard in these NZ stores:

  • Activata
  • ePay
  • BP
  • Mobil

Want to read more about Paysafe? Then, please check out our guide to Paysafecard casinos in New Zealand. You will find out more about this payment method and how to use it in the fastest payout NZ online casinos, $1 deposit online casino, $5 deposit casino, or $10 deposit casino.

Buy Paysafe Card Online: FAQs

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    Is Buying a Paysafecard Online Safe?

    It is perfectly safe to buy a Paysafecard online. All the sites we mentioned are 100% legit and secure.

  • ?
    Are There Any Fees When Buying a Paysafecard Online?

    It depends on the website you choose. WKV doesn’t have any fees, but the other two do. eGiftCard charges ridiculously high fees, while eGiftCards has more moderate ones.

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    What Is the Best Website To Buy a Paysafecard in New Zealand?

    We recommend WKV as it’s an official Paysafecard vendor and has no fees.

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    Can I Purchase a Paysafecard With NZD?

    Yes, all websites offer the option of buying vouchers with NZD.

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