Biggest Lottery Win In Canada

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to win the lottery? Canadians have been lucky enough to experience this dream come true, with the largest lottery win in Canada reaching an incredible $70 million. In this article, we explore the biggest lottery wins in Canadian history and how they changed lives forever. Read on to learn more about some of Canada’s luckiest citizens!


  • $70 million was the biggest lottery win in Canada
  • There were a few wins between $60-70 million
  • Lotto Max is the game where you win the most

The Biggest Winner – Mitchel Dyck – $70 million! (Lotto Max)

Mitchel Dyck won the biggest lottery win in Canada
Mitchel Dyck

Mitchell Dyck is a Calgarian man who made headlines in October 2022 when he won a $70 million Lotto Max jackpot. The win was especially impressive because Dyck played lottery games very rarely, always buying a ticket when the jackpot was particularly large. That strategy paid off in spades!

Dyck didn't even plan to buy a ticket, cashiers simply asked him if he wanted to and he just said “sure.”

“I was in line at the store and the cashier asked me if I wanted to buy a lottery ticket. I don't usually play, but the jackpot was pretty big so I said ‘sure,' Dyck told reporters after his win.

Dyck's $70 million win is the biggest lottery win in Canadian history. His story is inspiring because it shows that anyone can become a lottery winner, even if you don't play often!

How Dyck's Life Changed After Winning The Lottery

We don't know much about what Dyck plans to do with his winnings, but we can imagine that his life will be changed forever. He told reporters that he found a private banker to help him manage his finances and that he planned to “invest wisely.”

He also said that he plans to help out his family and friends. “I'd like to help people who need it in my life,” he told reporters. Good guy…

Other Big Lottery Wins In Canada

WhoHow MuchWhenLottery
Mitchel Dyck$70 million2022Lotto Max
Adlin Lewis$70 million2020Lotto Max
Tai Trinh$65 million2019Lotto Max
Zhe Wang$64 million2016Lotto 6/49

Adlin Lewis – $70 Million

adlin lewis
Adlin Lewis

Dyck isn't the only Canadian who has made headlines with a big lottery win. In January 2020, Adlin Lewis of Brampton, Ontario won $70 million via Lotto Max as well. He is a credit risk manager and credited his win to careful money management.

Adlin was a regular lottery player and always bought tickets when the jackpot was particularly large. He also said that he plans to help out his family and friends, but he hasn't revealed how he plans to use the rest of his money yet!

Tai Trinh – $65 million

tai trinh

Another Canadian who made headlines with a massive lottery win is Tai Trinh, who won $65 million in October 2019. He was born in Vietnam and moved to Calgary when he was just a young boy to start a new life. After his win, he credited his success to hard work as well as luck.

Trinh said that he plans to use his winnings to help support his family and give back to his community. He also said that he would travel around the world, something that was not possible for him before winning the lottery!

Zhe Wang – $64 million

zhe wang canada

In March 2016, Zhe Wang from Mississauga, Ontario won $64 million in the lottery game Lotto 6/49, which is one of the most popular lotteries in Canada. She was an immigrant from China and said that she played the lottery to try and help his family. Her winnings allowed her to provide more support for them and also gave him the opportunity to pursue a business venture of his own.

Wang told reporters that she planned to invest some of his money in stocks as well as real estate, and also wanted to set up a charitable foundation to help those in need. Lovely woman!

Final Thoughts

These are just a few of the lucky Canadians who have won big in the lottery. From Mitchell Dyck’s $70 million win, to John Chua’s $60 million win, these stories show that anyone can become a lottery winner! Whether you play regularly or rarely, it’s possible to win big if you have a bit of luck and patience. Take a look at our guide about the easiest lotteries to win in Canada.

These stories also remind us that lottery winners can use their money for good – whether it’s helping out family and friends, investing in real estate, donating to charity, or seeing the world. So if you have dreams of becoming a lottery winner, remember to think about how you can use your winnings for the greater good.

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